Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Summer has definately been a mixed bag. On the one hand I got diagnosed with Hodgkins disease right at the start of the sunny season. This meant chemo every second week, being hungover for five days straight, no drinking, and getting sunburnt in five minutes flat. "Sounds average" I hear you say  - and you would be partly right. BUT - there was an upside... Turns out that I was now one of those people who you pay your taxes for; thats right, Auntie Helen (and now uncle John) were going to give me money every week because I couldn't work for summer... So for nine days out of every fortnight, my car got loaded up and with my sickness benefit in hand, feeling good as gold, I'd go trundling off on an adventure.
 The glass is definately half full...

The mighty Rolla on a mission on the central plateau

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