Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Freestyle nats

A while back we had the freestyle nationals at Fulljames just out of taupo. While it wasn't a huge turn out, what improved it vastly was the fact that it was the Auckland canoe clubs annual trip to Fulljames too. Basically this meant they were having a massive party on the Saturday night which we were shamelessly going to take advantage of.
The comp was sweet, sunny as, a cool bunch of people and the added bonus of watching the hapless aucc paddlers swim down the rapid at regular intervals.
It goes without saying that we had a massive night on the Saturday and then after a few more sessions on the wave on Sunday we called it quits. We even managed a cheeky Huka run on the way home to cap it all off perfectly.

(all photos c/o Brendan Bayley/Soph Hoskins)
Josh winding up

B throwing down

One of the crazy ass Jetskiers who hadn't quite mastered the concept of "I'll have a turn, then you have a turn" prefering to blue angel that shit and nearly land on top of each other.

The crew in the lead in to Huka

Soph busting her first time off the drop

If that's not a happy face I don't know what is.

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