Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Why haven't I posted anything on here for months....? Combination of factors really - No fast internet access (thanks Telstra - you suck), Neilson has most of our missions covered on his blog, But most of all, all of our crew are back for summerand we've been having way too much fun to worry about such menial tasks as updating obscure blogs that no one reads anyway.

In saying that, here's a summary of our summer so far...

Random surf trips with no rhyme, reason or destination - the best kind.

Every Sunday we go to church. Except that the god we pray to tends to lean towards cyclones and cold fronts rather than forgiveness and retribution.Sanga, rollercoaster rapid - Wairoa river. Photo - Lu Urwin

Binge drinking takes up a large proportion of nights.
Party at Soph's - Ohope

Followed by all sorts of antics the next day...J dog - Superman whale grab

Josh is our resident film maker complete with all manner of electronics to play with.
Neilson/Fox - Trout pool falls, Kaituna

There have been some big missions... Team Okere made the pilgrimage to Taupo to fire the stout that lives there...
Sanga - Middle drop of Aratiatia

Followed by a mission the next week to the central plateau to take on the awesome tree trunk gorge.
Me dropping into the most amazing place I have ever been in a kayak

Then it was new years... Corogold!!! Katchafire, Tiki, Kora, Shapey, Sunshine sound system.....
G Brown. Nuff said.

Lake Taupo beckoned with some sweet times in Kinloch with the family.
Of course there were ulterior motives too.... Waihaha waterfall (And no it doesn't go - death slot in the lead in.)

Complete with the sickest jetski ride up to it!!

The notorious Okere falls crew complete with toys, moustaches and creepy pick up lines.

Keep an eye on Whitewater-koa for footy of the big stuff.