Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Central Plateau

The central plateau has some sweet rivers and even better it has some sweet waterfalls. We did a mission down there to go and ride some of these bad boys. Matariki falls on the Whakapapa river was the big one that B and Tyler had been eyeing up so we went to check it out. 
(all photos c/o Tyler Fox)

It turned out that the river was pretty low and no one was keen to take on the falls at that flow. So now we were stuck above a 40 - 50 footer that we couldn't run and a big walk back out.
 So we took option C. 


After chucking the boats off and then ourselves we went to run another little drop on the Whakapapa road so Josh could test his new wire cam system.

The backdrop for the day

Unfortunately Josh's batteries were flat so the wire cam didn't work, but it was still a fun drop to play on.

Josh filming with me running it.

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