Saturday, July 16, 2011


What to do when you can't find anyone to go kayaking with in the middle of winter* - A photo essay**.

Unfrost vehicle. This is so you can perform basic operations such as open doors which have been frozen shut and see out of windows which are frozen over

Stop at splendid local cafe/store/beer garden. Try to get girlfriend to make coffee. Fail.

Intravenous caffeine not yet available. Settle for next best thing. Make own coffee.

Select music. Glitch not available - dubstep will suffice.

Try to avoid driving off road due to combination of aids fog, copious amounts of ice, texting, and trying to change music/fix Ipod all at once. Priorities people.

Too early? Never too early. Three creamy mayo cheese burgers thanks. Turangi love.

Faaarrrk. Start to question decision to go kayaking.

Stop questioning decision to go kayaking. Aha. Figured out where this was going have you?

First Tuna on the river. Ever.

Sneak peek. Full testing to commence tomorrow on the Kaituna. Because I was too scared to run the Rangitikei solo at 70cu. Bomb! Boom!

*Because someone who shall remain unnamed decided that mountains were more important. Cough. Bernard Oliver.
**For people who like photos. You know who you are Josh Neilson.

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